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Thursday, 02 March 2023 15:41

World-leading technology for durable and environmentally friendly floors

Bjelin is a part of the Pervanovo Invest AB Group and develops and manufactures a wide product range of both traditional wooden floors and innovative floors from new materials. The development is performed in collaboration with the sister company Välinge Innovation AB. The founder of Bjelin and Välinge, Darko Pervan, invented the first click floor and developed the world's first laminate floor.

The production takes place in our state-of-the-art factories in Sweden and in Croatia, where we have access to high-quality FSC-certified wood and highly experienced employees who, for generations, have worked to refine the well-known Slavonian oak into wine barrels and today into floors.

Bjelin in Croatia - 4 factories
The flooring plant at our Ogulin 1 site has a capacity of 2 million m² of flooring. The main products are planks, three-strip parquet and parquet strips for herringbone installation. Ogulin1 plant has its own sawmill where logs are sawn, then dried in modern kilns and processed into lamellas for the middle layer part of the parquet flooring. Sawdust and wood waste is used for our pellets and briquettes production.

The Ogulin 2 plant will specialize in floor manufacturing with Woodura and Nadura technology to produce Hardened Wood flooring and floors of Ceramic Wood Composite. This production facility, located on a 330,000 m² plot of land, will be Bjelin's main floor production facility in Europe. During 2023 -2027, floor production will be significantly expanded with several new production lines for Hardened Wood and Ceramic Wood Composite, but also for core materials that will be used for these floors. When the factory is completed, it will be the world's largest production facility for wooden floors with a capacity of 20 million m².

The top layer high quality lamellas for our parquet flooring are produced in Bjelovar with FSC certified oak logs. We use the new technique of cutting and drying wood known as FRESH CUTT LAMELLA. A new saw mill plant will be completed this year and the capacity to produce oak lamellas for parquet floorings will be increased considerably.
The main raw material for our Hardened wood floors, the oak wood veneer, is produced by Bjelin Otok located in the heart of the famous Spačva forest in Croatia. Spačva is one of the largest intact oak forests in Europe and is well known for its very high FSC certified oak quality. Bjelin Otok is one of the most modern veneer plants in Europe and is well known for its extremely high oak veneer quality.

With the newest acquisition of Wood industry Spačva, Bjelin has become Europe’s largest manufacturer of oak veneer. Bjelin Spačva, located on the edge of Spačva forest, is our largest factory for processing raw materials. The main product is oak veneer for the flooring and furniture industry. Also manufactures elements and lamellas for parquet floors, solid laminated wooden boards of oak and ash. Sawdust and other wood waste are used for large-scale production of wood pellets and briquettes.

Rich in unique oak material
The timber for the wooden floors comes from forests managed and administered in a sustainable way, based on very strict ecological, social and economic regulations. The logs are processed locally in our own factories, reducing transport while retaining local jobs. We have long-term contracts with Hrvatske šume, public enterprise for forest and woodland management in the Republic of Croatia, with 100.000 m3 of oak logs agreed on for this year. Unique Slavonian oak (lat. quercus robur slavonica), with the average age of each timber being one hundred years, contributes to the superb quality of our products. Our main goal is to be synonymous with product excellence by using solely esteemed Slavonian oak.

A new revolutionary flooring
Bjelin’s wide planks are manufactured with a patented technology to cure wood and make it stronger. It’s an innovative wooden floor with a genuine wooden feel that is several times stronger than other wooden floors and utilises renewable raw materials in an optimal way.

Strong and sustainable
Woodura® is the patented technology which makes it possible to harden wood and make it stronger. The technology enables thinner surface layers to be used in production and the entire tree to be used as a raw material. It gives ten times more floors from the same log and the curing process gives a many times stronger surface that never needs to be sanded.

Easy installation with thin floors
Normally, wide planks are also thick. The technique of hardening wood allows the floors to be made wide but still remain very thin at just 11 mm so you won’t have to alter your doors or make any other costly changes to your home.

Click flooring for a perfect result
The locking system 5G makes it easier than ever to click together a floor. Do it yourself or minimize the project time when hiring a professional. To be installed freely, floating on top of the subflooring without nailing or gluing it down.

Easy to reuse
If you want to change to a new floor in the future, your old Bjelin floor can easily be picked up and put back in another room - or maybe sold to a new home!

Colour and format
Hardened wide planks in oak from Bjelin are manufactured in different designs based on colors – from light to dark where each color is available in three grades: Select, Nature and Rustic. They are available in two surface treatments: hard wax oil and matt lacquered. The floor planks are available in different widths. To accentuate the shape of the plank we have also beveled the floorboards.

Not just oak
We also manufacture Hardened wood ash flooring. Unique to these floors is the calm and harmonious grades of planks, without the usual dark grain and characteristic color variations of ash wood. The ash floor is given a matte lacquered finish in a light, white or grey color.

Herringbone pattern
Hardened wood is also available in herringbone pattern. Its larger format gives a traditional pattern in a new and modern way.

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