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Friday, 24 February 2023 15:00

Ecological underlay for prefabricated parquet and laminate flooring


The trend is to build with ecological materials, this also applies to the floor area and what is laid underneath: laying underlays and impact sound insulation. STEICO offers ecologically high-quality products at a good price-performance ratio.

STEICOunderfloor is ideal for rigid floor coverings with click connections: Prefabricated parquet and laminate flooring. It evens out punctual irregularities and prevents protruding corners and edges from touching, overloading and lifting the floor covering.

Since STEICOunderfloor is available in thicknesses of 3, 4, 5 and 7 Milimeters, it is possible to react to height differences from room to room and to create a continuous floor surface without tripping hazards. In the rooms where STEICOunderfloor is installed, stepping on the floor sounds "better". This is because the noise of walking changes: it sounds quieter, deeper and more pleasant. In the rooms on the floor below, the impact sound is dampened by up to 19 dB.

STEICOunderfloor is suitable for underfloor heating. Its high raw density and compressive strength of 15 tons/square meter also prevents the thin click joints of the floor covering from breaking under high loads. At the same time, however, it shows its elasticity - falling objects are cushioned and the surface of the floor covering remains largely undamaged.

STEICOunderfloor is ecological in more ways than one: its wood fibre portion binds carbon dioxide. Like all wood used for STEICO products the raw material for STEICOunderfloor comes entirely from sustainable forestry with FSC or PEFC certification. Examined by the Institute for Building Biology Rosenheim (IBR) it is classified as "harmless from a building biology point of view" and is recommended for living areas.

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STEICO develops, produces and markets ecological construction products made of renewable raw materials. STEICO is the market leader worldwide for wood fibre insulation materials.
STEICO is positioned as a system provider for ecological residential construction and is the only manufacturer in the industry to offer an integrated wooden construction system in which insulation material and construction components supplement each other. The Munich-based company’s products are used in new construction and when renovating roofs, walls, ceilings, floors and facades. STEICO’s products allow the construction of future-proof, healthy buildings with a particularly high quality of living and a healthy atmosphere. STEICO’s products offer reliable protection against cold, heat and also noise, and they permanently improve the building’s energy efficiency.