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Wednesday, 15 July 2015 16:38


CHIMIVER PANSERI SPA presents in its range 3 dispersion adhesives. PARKETTKOLL L is a single-component adhesive in water dispersion specifically for laying engineerd and lamparquet wood flooring. The adhesion guaranteed by PARKETTKOLL L is characterised by good tenacity, good hold and long-lasting elasticity. PARKETTKOLL TOP RU is a single-component synthetic resin based adhesive in water dispersion treated with polyvinyl alcohol based protective colloids and having an average particle diameter of 0.5÷3 microns.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015 11:22

Chimiver 50° Anniversary

Chimiver Panseri S.p.A. a étoffé son assortiment de vernis en phase aqueuse. Nous avons le plaisir de présenter notre nouveau vernis invisible extra mat Ecowood 2K, conférant à votre sol un look ultra naturel sans réflexion et avec seulement 3% de brillance. Ecowood 2K possède également d'excellentes caractéristiques chimiques et physiques et convient pour les sols à trafic intense. Egalement disponible pour usage industriel. Ecocrom est un primaire d'accrochage monocomposant en phase aqueuse à haut pouvoir couvrant pour les sols en bois, qui peut être utilisé comme première couche dans un processus de vernissage impliquant uniquement des vernis en phase aqueuse.

Chimiver Panseri S.p.A. has extended its assortment of water-based lacquers. We'd like to present our new extra matt invisible lacquer ECOWOOD 2K which is giving to your wooden floor a ultra natural look with no reflection and only 3% gloss. ECOWOOD 2K has also excellent chemical and physical characteristics and is suitable for heavy traffic
floors. Also availbale for industrial use. ECOCROM is a single-component water-based super toning primer with high coverage for wooden floors, which could be used as a first coat in the lacquering process composed only of water-based lacquers.

Chimiver Panseri has extended its assortment of products for outdoor wood treatment. LIOS SUNDECK CLIMA+ is a water-based impregnating oil for wood with UV absorption double technology. Thanks to this innovation, LIOS SUNDECK CLIMA+ is particularly resistant to the action of UV radiation, both direct and indirect.

Lios Bioil Natural is a completely natural oil treatment for indoor wooden floors based on a mix of natural oils.
Lios Bioil Natural has been developed for those who love the natural character of genuine wood and the warmth of any oil treatment.

Chimiver Panseri has a complete water-based system for the coating and maintenance of sport wooden floors.
ECOPRIME 2K SPORT is a two-component water based primer (5:1) used as first coat for the water based cycle over sport wooden floors. Thanks to the high solid content, ECOPRIME 2K SPORT has a high coverage property, able to fill the pore of the wood with a single coat. Easy to sand and it gives a good tone to the wood.

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