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Martens Hout

Martens Hout is a family business through and through. Even different employees in the company have succeeded their father or grandfather. Tradition and modern technology go hand in hand. Exterior wall cladding, together with terrace planks, is the speciality of Martens Hout. Years of experience (the company has been in existence for over 105 years) in both products and an extensive range make Martens Hout the market leaders in the fields of IPE terrace planks and Cedar exterior wall cladding all over Europe.

Martens Hout concentrates primarily on quality. The planing for both products is done by specialist companies, which apply very strict sorting rules in collaboration with Martens. This means they remove planks of poorer quality and planks which have been planed incorrectly so that they can offer their clients products of the highest quality.

The company endeavours to ensure that for clients the name of Martens Hout is synonymous with immaculate quality. Service is a second point of attention at Martens Hout. Employees make a point of always replying to all client enquiries, including price enquiries. A representative of the company says: "We always try to give our clients the right marketing information, even if this is not in our favour."

They ascribe the fact that wood is being used more and more in construction partly to the unrelenting efforts of the sector to purchase solely legal wood from sustainably managed forests, preferably with certification. A huge amount of wood is also used for exterior wall cladding. After all, subject to the right choice of wood sort and correct fitting, a wooden exterior wall cladding is a risk-free purchase.

The best sort of wood for exterior wall cladding by a long way is western red cedar. This magnificent sort of wood is absolutely ideal for this end use and takes on a very attractive shade of silver-grey in the course of time. Cedar also requires no maintenance or treatment and is naturally resistant to decay. Other wood sorts which are requested regularly are impregnated pine, thermally treated pine or deal, and larch.

All these sorts of wood are included in the Martens Hout range. As regards design, Martens thinks along with the clients: "At the request of our clients, we can plane an exterior wall profile with some fastening system of other. Usually, however, clients choose a normal profile with the option of invisible nailing. At Martens, clients choose their own profiles and we design them."

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