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CHIMIVER PANSERI SPA presents in its range 3 dispersion adhesives. PARKETTKOLL L is a single-component adhesive in water dispersion specifically for laying engineerd and lamparquet wood flooring. The adhesion guaranteed by PARKETTKOLL L is characterised by good tenacity, good hold and long-lasting elasticity. PARKETTKOLL TOP RU is a single-component synthetic resin based adhesive in water dispersion treated with polyvinyl alcohol based protective colloids and having an average particle diameter of 0.5÷3 microns.

The adhesive strength is higher than usual.  PARKETTKOLL LISTONI is a single-component adhesive formulated with resins in water dispersion for laying of high thickness solid wooden floors. Its special feature is the very low content of water, which makes it ideal for firm sticking, without the usual defect of lateral "push". CHIMIVER offer also PARKETTKOLL FLOT D3 which is a single-component adhesive in water dispersion with no solvents suitable for gluing between tongue and groove of pre-finished  wooden floors or engineerd floors that have been laid on a "floating setting".

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